Seeking Spoilers: TWM Cargo Conatiner Loot


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I'm 160+ days in and finally decided to head to TWM to do some looting-- but I'm only really looking for certain things (mostly cloth and/or clothing.  Pelts are always good, too.  Sewing kits are always useful, as well.)

I've been to the peak and all over TWM on a Pilgrim character, so I know where are the containers are and I've looted them before; but I can't fully remember what spawns where.

For example, I know there is food in the containers over near the wing.  Food and medicine (if I remember right.)  And I know there is food and clothing up the rope in front of Crystal Lake, in addition to some can openers and sewing kits (I just looted that one in my game earlier today.)

Has anyone categorized which containers contain what?  I really, really am kicking myself for not logging it, myself, on my Pilgrim run.  It would be nice to know which containers I should be keying on while I'm making this run, as I'm not intending to live in TWM.  I'm just looting it and dragging as much back to ML as I can, where I have made my permanent home.

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3 hours ago, Timber Wolf said:

Have you not heard of wiki?

Ummmm...  Yes.  Yes, I've heard of it.  I looked there first, in fact.  I'm not looking for where containers are.  I know where they are.  I'm asking which container locations have which types of containers (which I thought I clarified in my post.)  That wiki page you linked doesn't tell me that.  It also didn't tell me that when I looked it up, myself.  Nor did any other webpage that I could find when I was searching for this answer. ;)

To clarify further, I know there is a set of containers at the Wing, for example.  I also know that one of those containers has food and another has medicine, for example.  That is true every time.  I also know there is are containers at the Engine (near Echo Ravine)-- but I don't know what those containers will hold.  The contents are not random, as I understand it.  So...  I came to the forums to see if people knew which containers, specifically, where at which location, specifically.  I don't want to head to containers that I don't need stuff from, so knowing what is in them before I go is useful.

Have you not heard of asking a question on the forum that can't be answered by a wiki? :P

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Just now, Timber Wolf said:

Certainly.  However in this case, you need only to click on any of the locations on the page I linked to see what their contents are.

OMG.  I didn't click on the links.  lol.  I saw that the link had a location in it and assumed it took me to the location page...

Ugh.  Thanks.

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Well, I appreciate the links.  I spent a few days on the mountain and ended up looting everything except for the summit and the container up by Eric's Falls (there's meds in that one I don't really need them.)  I converted all the clothing into about 80 pieces of cloth or so and lugged it all back to Home Sweet Homestead in ML.  I left the shoes and boots that can be broken down into Cured Leather up in the cave at Deer Clearing.  I'll likely never need any of that.  And I brought the hides and some tools and stored them in the hatch at the Mountaineer's Hut.  I'm 180 days into my run and with my supplies, I really think I could easily make it to 400 or more.  I'd die of boredom before I'd die from lack of stuff.

In leaving the stuff at the summit and some supplies at the hut, I also left myself in a position to permanently relocate there later if I ever needed to.  Successful few days!

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