Savegame_XXX: Boot is Null


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Trying to figure out this issue, posted on r/thelongdark previously.   


I'm trying to think if anything I am doing when exiting the game or turning off the xbox or a location may be the issue.  

I've had four fairly long plays end up with the error, erasing all my data upon restart and no longer displaying the corrupt game.  


Each time: Xbox was off for over 24 hours since last play. It seems to happen when I don't play two days in a row, to my knowledge. 

Each time: I saved by sleeping, then powered down the XBOX with the game currently in play mode (didn't exit to a screen).  

Each time:  My play progression was 10+ days in-game time. 

Each time: Player was indoors in a shelter. (not just a cabin)

Each time: Player saved during daylight hours.


Not: Xbox was either internet connected or not connected during loss of save game. 50/50. (sometimes I don't plug it in, using my laptop as a router through phone company wifi)

Not: Locations were different, Coastal Highway, Mystery Lake, Timberwolf Mountain, Mystery Lake.

Not: Varying states of health.

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When you get this, are you actually seeing something that says  "Boot is null"? This is not something I've seen in game before, so I'd like to get as much detail from you. We are aware of a rare issue that may result in data loss, but we've not had Users report an error message in the past, and this might be a very useful hint. 

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I found out the only time it happens after playing a weekish since. It only happens if I do not quit to the main screen following playing and shut down the Xbox from the controller. I'm wondering if the game is attempting to save and the save becoming partial and corrupted due to the xbox shutting down mid save? If I quit out to the main screen every time then my game will continue to be playable.  


Yes, the "boot is null" pops up when selecting the save game at the bottom of the screen and makes that "inoperable noise" like when you try and perform an action that's not possible.

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Thanks for the further details. I've passed on the details to the engineer working on Saves to look into further. If you remember or come across any more info, please feel free to post it to this thread. Thanks again. 

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I've seen this issue a couple of times and have posted about it elsewhere on the forum. I haven't seen it again in a while because I've been too scared to play until it's fixed since so much play time is lost each time but please let me know if I might be able to give any additional information.

"Boot is null" is definitely displayed, in red, on the load game interface. I believe that on my last corrupted sandbox, I had gotten into the habit of saving and exiting to the main menu out of paranoia, but it still eventually happened. However, I would never quit the entire application, I would just switch apps and leave it running. I also don't turn off my xbox, and just leave in standby mode so I can turn it back on via voice commands. Ideally, with any game and as with most, I want to be able to just pause and switch apps and go back whenever, perhaps even days later. I understand this saving/pausing/suspending concern may have nothing to do with the issue at all.

Please see my first post for details on my corruptions and let me know if there's anyway I can help, I miss playing this game *so much* and I'm desperate to get back into it and finally craft my first bearskin coat.

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