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Hi all!

Just now getting around to being able to post about this. I've just recently kicked off a long-planned series on my channel, which I'm calling Survival School. The idea is to provide an interactive, spoiler-light, mechanics-focused Tutorial in the form of a daily Let's Play video series. It's also deliberately slow in pace, so as not to feel overwhelming and to give new players an opportunity to watch how I make various decisions in real time.

If you are newer to the Long Dark and want to learn about the game in a way that doesn't overly spoil the maps or some of the later discoveries—in other words, if you just want to learn how to play so you can feel competent as a new player trying to survive, even if you still feel like you have no idea where you are—this series is designed with you in mind. Here's a basic list I used to outline the idea for the series.

- A Voyageur or Stalker-level series similar to my Against All Odds format,
- Commentary in a more instructive, explanatory style,
- Intentionally limiting my play to Mystery Lake,
- With these topics and more...
  1. How the condition meters work (when to worry versus when to not),
  2. How the clothing system works,
  3. How to interact (or not) with wildlife,
  4. Where and how to find various resources, and 
  5. How a beginner can prioritize tasks for success, while acknowledging there are various valid play styles.

I'm posting here not only to let you know the series is finally here, but to encourage you to come and comment regardless of your skill level.

As I mentioned in the introductory minutes of episode 1, I really want other players to chime in with tips and questions of their own. My hope is that the full Tutorial experience will come not just from watching the videos, but from reading the comments and interacting with each other.

So, consider this an invitation to players new and old. Hope to see you on the channel.




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