Sleeping in a car


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3 hours ago, Hatchet said:

Waking up whenever you want? That's not a mechanic availble in The Long Dark :P
Thank God it isn't :P
You need to time your sleep so you don't die or make it yourself impossible to surirve after waking up.


he didnt ask for waking up at any time... its about pressing cancel if we change our mind and we dont want to sleep... please stop trolling, you do it so many times especially when you are misunderstanding a post. nobody want to make the game easier not like what you wrote here would anything to the challenge...

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On 2/19/2017 at 10:13 PM, exeexe said:

When you wanna go sleeping in a car there is no cancel button. And we need that cause now 2 times i have slept in a car for 1 hour when i was freezing and almost got me killed

As you see it, would this be a "cancel" option just for sleeping in cars? 

(and a reminder to keep things friendly in here, please.)


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@Hatchet I was reminding everyone here to keep things friendly and respectful, which would include you. Your post is threatening and totally unacceptable. Please review our community guidelines pinned above. 

@vargata If you have an issue with another player's comment, better to report it and let us deal with it than calling out someone for "trolling." Thank you. 

Locking this thread. @exeexe Feel free to create another thread in the wish list sub forum for your suggestion, if you would like to continue discussing it. we'd be more than happy to hear what you have to say. 

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