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Well, since nobody else was setting it up, I figured we may as well start up a thread here for all you TLD poets...

Journey Long Dark

Walking Past *...gawk...*

Damn - my characters died again... time to restart [i'm practicing for how long I think I'll last the first times playing -- sorry my poetry got cut off in mid death]

Add Your Own TLD Poetry Below

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Lost in the cold

Fumbling my way around in the dark,

struggeling without any direction,

I am lost on this freezing winternight,

It will beat me without a proper fight.

My ankle is sprained, I walk in pain,

I am so tired that I cannot think,

Dear Lord, help me through this final test,

Protect me when I lay down and rest.

I close my eyes and I don't feel the cold,

The snow covers me with her icy blanket,

I will sleep out here; just a minute, you know,

Sleep for one minute, and I'll be good to go.

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Dancing Lights

I can see them every night

The dancing lights, the solar sweeps

And I shine in their heavy glow

All along the winter’s siege

You, still, are what keeps me full

And you are the bed I make

Near the end, should the body break,

The wolves will have what’s theirs to take

But I! But I…

Been blessed by the sky, adorned by the light

And so my heart,

Sent farther along, will carry me on

Through every bastion of the dark

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  • 7 months later...

"Is this how God hears the world?"

In between tissue paper breaths,

it doesn't matter

-no one answers-

my existence is peripheral,


the drop of blood from

my thumb freeze. My

body insisting that I'm

still here, existing. but.

Out here on the ragged edge,

(a footnote in the margins)

counting the days

counting the hours

counting what's left

counting what's gone

counting the daylight:

on the farmhouse porch,

I refuse to break down the rocking chair

and the sun sets somewhere in the left

and I think of the wind and the wolves

and all their voices colliding here at once

exhaling my tissue paper,

with a can of peaches.

Relaxing and talking to myself:

"Is this how God hears the world?"

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I'm so sorry, but once the first line popped into my head i was compelled to finish this... ahem


Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the last living guy on Great Bear

In North Western Canada born and raised
On the airstrip was where I spent most of my days 
Chillin' out maxin' and feelin' no anger
Sippin on a whiskey inside of the hanger
When in walks my ex, looking up to no good
needs to get a suitcase to a neighbourhood 
She said 'it's one little flight and so don't got scared'
Then the Aurora killed my engine, we fell out of the air

I was bruised and bleeding, spent days in a cave
Climbed and found the suitcase then set out on my way
I came to a pond and then I saw me a rabbit
Found myself a pebble and said 'I might as well have it'

I whistled for a train but they'd all been derailed
I found myself a trawler but the crew had all bailed
When I cooked up some meat it came out slightly rare
So now I have the same parasites as the bear

I ran up to the house about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the wolf pack 'so long, smell ya later'
I looked at my kingdom
I was finally there
Sipping hot soup in the old rocking chair

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I am lost

I am gone

All I have left

Is this song


I can't ever go back

Life is forever hard

Chased by wolves and bears

All I want is a bottle of lard


My loneliness is killing me

Turning me inside out

Sometimes I can't stop crying

My mind locked in doubt


But when the lights come out

That all goes away

All my worries and my fears

All go astray

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Crashed in a geomagnetic storm, 

The aurora alight in the sky, 

The plane is damaged beyond repair,

No way is it gonna fly.


I search and search for shelter, 

"Great, a blizzard." I cry,

I've only just started up the game, 

And I'm already going to die


What place am I in? I try to recall, 

Brilliant, it's Bleak Inlet, 

Death is definitely imminent, 

And I've not even gone anywhere yet!


Timberwolves at my tail, 

Condition at 35,

I stagger away from the Cannery, 

No way am I gonna survive, 


Bleeding, freezing and nearly dead,

A timber jumps me, what a shame, 

'You died of blood loss and shock' I read,

Then start up a brand new game


Basically a poem of how my second attempt in BI went. I started on Random. It didn't end well, as you can see. 

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