Ai and Clothing condition.


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The main problems with this game that I've found is the clothing condition and the animal Ai, the clothes degrade during normal use too quickly. Condition should only decrease in large amounts from attacks, falling, and climbing. instead it should have a separate category of wetness, like dry, damp, wet, and soaked. the wetter your clothes get from contact with snow, the less effective at keeping you warm they are, and as a result clothes can slowly dry inside, or dry faster being worn near a fire, and fastest by being heated next to the fire (not equipped). this adds more gameplay strategy, without things falling apart like they were all bought from some Canadian dollar-store after being sewn by a Vietnamese child in some forsaken sweatshop.

secondly, Wolves would be so much better if they adhered to the real behaviors of wolves, with some rabid, and some healthy. Rabid wolves are weakened, less capable of stalking and agility, but are fearless and will attack until they are killed. Healthy wild wolves will normally not attack an adult unless they are provoked or the adult is turned away or running, an exception of this is when it is a pack of wolves. Wolves do not automatically charge at you when you enter a 30 foot radius of them, wolves do not know when you are right behind them, and wolves do not teleport on top of you so you cannot counterattack a charge. wolves would be so much more fearsome and scary if they had realistic AI, and instead of being just like enemies in other games. wild healthy wolves are smart, predatory, and will react in a way that is so much more terrifying than their current state.

same goes for any other predator added.

Deer seem okay, but once again should have their field of vision restricted to to the realistic field of eyes on the side of the head, there is a blindspot directly behind them. also they seem to not interact with wolves as one would think.

everything else seems to be near perfect.

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