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Toronagga Darklake

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I'll try to keep it short and sweet (for a change). :roll:

1. The ability to add wood to the fire while you are cooking/boiling/melting. There's nothing worse than realising you didn't have enough time left, plus adding wood to fire while you cook is what all Scouts do at camp. *important*

2. Please reduce how easy it is to get food poisoning. I am so tired of having to take antibiotics every couple of days, even when I only eat meat with 75%+ condition. Surely after suffering from it once you should be immune for at least 5 game days? *important*

3. The chance to find and use (like the lantern or whatever) a compass. *nice to have *

4. Ability to place twig markers on the floor in the form of arrows (harvested of course), to aid with wandering about in the fog and snow. *nice to have*


5. The ability to boil water AND cook meat on the stove (which has two hot plates on the top), where as the small kettle boiler or a standard fire could only do one or the other at a time. *nice to have*

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+1 to most of these things -- the compass, as others have mentioned, probably wouldn't work given a geomagnetic surge, if we're being realistic.

The idea of having self-made trail markers is excellent. Perhaps you could take some cloth, harvest it to strips, and use those to tie around branches on trees. So if you work out a nice route through the woods (where, in my experience, I am less likely to be wolf'd), you can mark it and always use it. Or, if you are on a bunker hunt, and want to be sure you haven't already looked in that spot, it could be useful there, too.

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In order to do what you say in regards to the cooking, cooking on the stove could probably be overhauled. The lock-in seems tied to the fast-forward mechanic (you wouldn't really be able to fast forward if you weren't locked in). I don't think there's too much of a problem in removing the fast-forward, so long as you can put more than one thing at once. Maybe the stove top activates like a container that has a set weight limit (like drawers/cupboards do). Then things sitting on the stove start to heat up and once they get to a certain point they are considered cooked. This opens up cooking for some interesting mechanics, like burning your food if you're not paying attention, or warming up a meal in order to give you a bonus against cold.

The stove bottom could visually open up like it is now, and also have a container-like panel to it. Maybe it also has a maximum capacity as well.

This is just spitballing, mind you. I don't know how the back-end works and how difficult it would be to give foods a temperature value. Then again, maybe it'd be worth doing since there may be additional benefits like handling food spoilage (colder items degrade slower)

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I like all these points - +1

The spray paint idea is great, it doesn't have to be complicated to put in or to use for the player - simple to add the model, allow it equippable, use it on tree or building or rock = spray sound, red X appears - done!

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