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Firstly, I know item degredation has come up in many, many topics. I do not apologise for this as this is such a major factor in the game. What I am trying to do is collate a lot of this together.

I think is is the general concensus that item degredation is a little too steep currently. Clothing has had an overhaul since .127 and this has made that area much more managable and (imo) realistic. This balance where wearing items outside degrades them much faster than inside and their overal life degredation is generally slower is definately better.

Tools however seem to be degrading much faster than they should. The knife isn't too bad, but perhaps it should factor in how frozen the animal is as a scale of how much it degrades when used. The hatchet should probably work the same but currently degrades far too fast. I think a similar idea as the knife, where its degredation accelerates with use but overal degredation is reduced. Perhaps inject another randomiser where the tool's stand a chance of breaking outright at any point (perhaps a higher chance the lower the state of them), so there is a very small risk of breaking your tool when it is at 75% or higher and a greater risk of it breaking totally when under 25%. If the overal degredation is reduced (seriously a hatchet should not break after 10 uses/forages) but with the chance of it just breaking due to bad luck it will be an improvement.

Another consideration could be perhaps more options for maintaining your tools, like finding oil (and using it) will mean that your rifle, knife or hatchet degrades slower then normal. Harvesting bones and gut can make needles and thread for your sewing kit. Harvesting items could be based on the condition of the item as to how much material your can obtain from it, such as 5 for a 100% Quality Winter Coat, reducing by 1 every 20% or so.

Overal I think this would benefit those players who actually formulate a survival plan (rather than just wandering about aimlessly), but still have the chance of rotten luck ruining their day. :twisted:

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