Hi from Hereford UK


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Living on the border between England and Wales, not far from the Brecon Beacons where the SAS do their survival training. A brief Army career gave me discipline and self reliance.

Most of my civilian life spent as a self employed bricklayer which meant spending a lot of time outdoors in all weathers. Always been a bit of a loner and preferred to work on my own whenever possible.

My main interests now are computing, gaming, reading medieval history and occasional hill walking.

Steam was responsible for creating my interest in PC gaming with Half Life. Then I spent many years on Xboxes until I realised that the future of gaming is with the PC. (Being able to add Mods etc..) Using Steam again as they seem to have a monopoly on early releases and so on.

Very happy with TLD so far, and updates add interest, keeping the game alive.

I am sure this game will end up alongside AAA games as one of the best.

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Hi Paladr, nice to meet you. Those Medieval times were indeed a interesting period in the history of Europe, the collapse of the Roman empire gave birth to a whole new period. I share your interests for history, gaming and computing. No hills in my country, so hillwalking is out of order :-). Hope to see you around!

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