Bugged Torch Condition

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The torch I am going to discuss about in this post is a very specific one: it is the one that is found in belly of the Hydro Dam, lying in the hallway connecting the staircase to the turbine room.

While I had been scavenging the Hydro Dam in my current run, I picked up this torch and shoved it into my backpack to use it later when my crafted torch would eventually burn out.  Several in-game days later, I finally burned out my crafted torch and I needed to light a fire.  Naturally, I selected the torch I had picked up at the Hydro Dam; it was at 30% condition when I light it with a match.  As I am selecting my materials to light the fire in the stove, I notice my torch is burning with at full condition.  I exited the fire building menu, looked in my inventory for the torch, and saw that it's condition had rebounded from 30% to 85% condition!

Here are the pictures I took before and after I lit the torch:

screen_(2, -148, -2)_ac9ed97e-be58-4bcd-b805-f02650c0e395.png

Torch @ 30% Condition Before Lighting It

Date Created: 1/27/2016, 6:38 pm

screen_(2, -148, -2)_2e4ce85a-95e4-4116-9adf-74f0515b1d20.png

Same Torch @ Full Condition Before Lighting It

Date Created: 1/27/2016, 6:38pm

screen_(2, -148, -2)_320f4ae1-9efb-428d-aa99-a7c02b32580c.png

Same Torch @ Near Full Condition After I've Light It & Used It

Date Created: 1/27/2016, 6:40 pm

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