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Hi, I'm Federico from taiwan (although not taiwanese, just living here)

I saw this game when Scott Manley review it and some days ago hi did another review and I saw it was on steam so I bought it. Played some times, died some times, and my current save is 7 days long, now I'm afraid to play because I don't want to die again :P

Anyways, I'm going to follow this game as it develops and try to participate in the forums


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Hi Federico! You are a long way from your home, Argetina. Will you live in Taiwan forever, or will you return to Argetina?

I know what you mean, about being afraid to continue. I used to be afraid of wolves and died many times. But then I started confronting them (because I 'hate' them so much for killing me many times) and fight with them. Now I am not afraid anymore, lol. Good luck to you, hope to see you around!

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