frozen creek freeze and snow shelter bug

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Hey, sorry if u use a wrong subforum or write an already known problem, i couldnt find it existing yet.

At first, i want to make a note, that my savegame got a freeze and i got the "doesnt work"- windows message, then the game shot down. It never did this before but now it froze 2 times in two (real time) days at exactly the same point of the map. Both times i came from another direction.

Another little bug came when i wanted to enter my snow shelter: He didnt really go inside, instead of it he stood outside but couldnt use any items or open the main menue.

(sorry for possible english mistakes)

Edit: Another snow shelter bug: I wanted to repair it with a stick and suddenly came into a loop where repairing sound, time and fatigue went on but i coulnt interrupt it or press any buttons. Had to shut it down again...


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