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I have been thinking about how items work in this game, and have come up with a few ideas.

1. Have more items. We don't know enough about the story mode to comment, but I am willing to bet most people abandoned their shacks abruptly. As a result, there ought to be lots of more stuff around. More importantly, most of the stuff should be garbage. This game would be much more interesting if the player had to make decisions on what to gather, and what to leave behind. As it stands, the game decides what is useful and what is not. Everything has a use. But with the 80% garbage model, the player would always be second guessing if they can actually use the item they just found, especially if the use of an item is not documented, just to keep them on their toes. They will want to take everything with them, but will be forced to leave most of it behind.

2. Items (useful) should have more than one use. As of right now, items generally only do one thing. Like the hunting knife. But a knife can be used to cut meat, open cans, make bandages from cloth, split wood (batoning), make tinder, etc. A simple blue tarp could be used to make a lean-to, cover meat from the elements, make a poncho, collect rain water, make a wind breaker, make a backpack, etc. The player should have to make decisions on how to use items, and some decisions will destroy that item. If you can achieve the same goal with 4 different items, that makes inventory decisions much more interesting.

3. Wood. Get rid of foraging for wood, and place wood chucks all over the forest floor. Make the player go out and find them just like Candy Bars. Or "using" a Hatchet on a fallen tree would cause chucks of wood to spawn on the ground. This way players can go hunting, looting, and picking up wood as they roam the wasteland. Picking up too much wood in one area would force the player to go to other areas for supplies.

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