First Person Arms, Hands, Feet


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I would love the idea of seeing my arms, hands and feet in the game ... among other things it could be used to communicate player status.

For example:

-Right hand holding the gun, knife, lantern etc. (condition of items are visible - great, good, bad)

-Left hand with a pendulum watch (EMP proof) and gloves ( can show air temp, windchill, any bonuses, condition %)

-Body and feet communicating cold or fatigue

In my mind I see everything accessible to the player break down into 3 areas:

1)Status (IMHO is mission critical - everything stems from that information) can be displayed without going to a dialog while keeping the player in-game. Click a hot-key and the left hand is shown where the player can see their status at-a-glance.

2)Actions (forage, start fire, repair, harvest, bedroll, etc.) can be brought up in a thought bubble -triggered via icons. Diving into any of those icons brings up a dialog with the respective functions.

3)Inventory (bag, map, log, weight info) can be triggered showing the player character open a backpack and a respective dialog shows. Bag content and weight info would be shown with filtering controls as they are now. Pivots to the map or log would be accessible from the same screen via icons.

Just some thoughts.

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