Savegame damaged

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I'm playing the Game on Xbox One. Actually i was very happy with it.

Last week i start a new Sandbox in Mode Voyager. Before i has alived 55 days in Pilgrim Mode.

As i want load the last Savegame last week it seems that it was damaged. On click it displayed on bottom of sreen a Message in red scripture 'Boot failed: Savegame 0' or something like else.

It was not able to load the saved Sandbox. After restart the Game the Savegame was gone and a new Sandbox has to created.

Good i thought it could happend. Cause i played only 3 days in this Box and it was the first time that this failure occured, i created a new one.

But today it was the same incident. 6 days alived, red Errormessage at bottom and after a game restart no Savegame available, a new Sandbox must be created.

This is really bad. Why happend this, and how could fix that? I'm really sad again about the wasted time and the good loot which i already has collected.

But more annoying is that it's not advisable to play further the game. On every new Start it is possible that all playing before was for nothing.



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