Wolf corpses disappear in Coastal highway

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I’ve completed Whiteout challenge recently, and over the span of 27 days I had many encounters with wolves around the Garage. I remember at least six wolves that I killed around the Garage, but the problem is, that when I leave the Garage and instantly hear a doleful whimper of a wolf falling down somewhere nearby, I cannot find its corpse. And this happened twice. Both struggles happened in close proximity to the Garage, within a few steps. I haven’t put much effort in finding the first corpse, but when this happened the second time, I have spent a whole day walking around, looking at different angles one every, rock, hillock and building, went uphill to see if that wolf died on a high ground I couldn’t see from the plain, but I found none. I did find some marks on the snow resembling steps, but those were unclear and might be just a texture. I followed what seemed like a trace to me anyway, but still did find nothing. I’ve also went to the ice to walk by the shore. There were several times I took rocks for a corpse, but in the end I couldn’t find the real one. I suspect that it might fall in snow somewhere or under a car/building/whatever. Here’s the map – the green area marks what I checked.



I must say, that only one of the wolves, that I didn’t kill instantly, was found across the highway, it wasn’t hard to find at all, and I’ve thoroughly checked the snow across the road up to the shore and farther several times when I was looking for the corpses that I couldn’t find.

What’s more weird, is that I’ve seen no traces of blood at all, when I was looking for the second lost corpse. It was a warm period, the night that the struggle happened it was above zero, the day after it was amazing +8°C, no snow falling at all, so I should have clearly seen the blood. But I couldn’t find any. Maybe it snowed in the four hours that I slept. Anyway, I have lost damn ten kilos of meat and a two days I was recuperating from wounds and searching for these corpses.


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I now have confirmation, that wolves can go and die where the player can not reach them.

On the way to Carter’s Dam I have placed a shot on a wolf and it started running. Eventually it has disappeared from my sight, but then I heard his steps on snow …somewhere behind me. And behind me was a rock. The map border. At first I couldn’t see it, but then…


Slightly to the left of the centre of the screen, you can see a wolf stuck in the ridge. Apparently he found a place where even wolves can’t run.

After four hours I have found its corpse lying still back where I’ve seen the wolf walking.


O-okay! Now it’s time to harvest it!

But how? The ridge seems unapproachable! Happily, to the left there was a snowy hill through which I could make my way up. Without any cheating.



You can see the corpse slightly to the right of the centre

And this is as far as I could get. That cleft didn’t allow me to harvest the corpse.


Oh, well. Maybe I could jump to that ledge from above.


Nope! If I can see through the rock, I am probably not supposed to be here. The terrain up there wasn’t passable at all, so I couldn’t play the king of the hill.

So my proposition is – fix the wolf paths or at least remove that cleft.

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Ha-ha, just kidding. The view from the top was pretty awesome.





Down below you can notice the cleft, that didn’t allow me to get to the wolf earlier


And here we are


You damn fluff, you don’t know how many sprained ankles did it cost to get here


Confirmed that wolves can drown in snow masses


Life is beautiful again.

But still problematic at Coastal Highway.

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The unpassable terrain I mentioned earlier was actually there, I just had move a long way around it. I suspect it to be an invisible part of the rock, which snow texture couldn’t be seen from there.




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The Long Dark – where you find bugs to take your loot.

Devs, you can actually make this a feature, lol. Also make some Steam achievement for doing impossible, while it’s still alpha.


On a side note, can you make corpses still breathe? Or make some other sounds like air escaping from cavities, some ‘Bzzzzzt!’ or ‘Pi-pi-pi! Pi-pi-pi!’. It is damn hard to find corpses under snow. Fixing pawsteps would be an alternative, but a less funny solution.

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