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Pawel E Cieslak

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I have been playing and reading the forum for a while and I have noticed how many people make it up to 50+ days. It seems as the only difficulty they have to face is lack of respawning loot. So I think it would be nice if there was a list of player suggested challenges - a set of additional conditions meant to make survival harder and possibly funnier/more frustrating. One I could think of right away the following challenges:

- You cannot sleep inside a building with loading screen (camp office - bad, forestry lookout - good). The idea is that you would have to be concerned about temperature and wind protection when looking for the best sleeping spot.

- Charge into battle. Simply when you see a wolf stalking you, instead of trying to scare it away you have to charge head first and try to survive as many 'wolf battles' as possible. To make things harder you could try to charge every single wolf you see.

- Caveman diet. Don't eat any packaged food (cans, jerky, MRE) and try survive by eating only the meat you get from deers and wolfs. Bonus challenge: don't cook the meat and/or try to survive food poisoning by waiting it out instead of antibiotics.

- Campfires only. Not much to say - instead of using stoves try to survive using only fires lit outdoors, which require from you finding a windless spot to light one, which can be hard in a clearcut with 60 mph+ winds.

As of right now I can't think of any other. If you've got your own challenge idea feel free to add it in this topic. You can also post by how much did certain challenge shorten your run.

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