Mac Mouse/Trackpad Usability (v.127)


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The default control scheme is problematic using several types of Apple mice/trackpads. The biggest issue is that the trackpad/mouse does not allow you to tap the LMB while holding RMB. This completely prevents being able to fire the rifle with the default controls. This appears to affect:

- Macbook built-in trackpad

- Apple Mouse

- Apple Magic Trackpad

- Apple Magic Mouse

I've worked around this by mapping the Throw/Aim to the Tilde key in Key Bindings. It tool several deaths by wolf to figure this out, however.

Similarly, it is extremely difficult to button-mash the RMB for fighting off wolves with the trackpad. This works fine with a mouse, but it would be nice if there was a keyboard option.

Tested on:

MacBook Pro

2.2 GHz Intel Core i7


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