Sleeping off food poisoning at 3-4% condition


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I logged into my game tonight having survived 57 days so far. My ammo is gone and food is low. I'm pretty much left to having the wolves hunt for me and then trying to scare them off, or hope for some leftover scraps.

Tonight I managed to stumble upon an encounter on the river near the dam. I tried to scare the wolf off the deer, throwing my burnt out flare at him, but he charged me. I made the mistake of running uphill away from him. As I got up the hill to the Railcar Loading Area, I could hear him close behind me. I made another mistake thinking I could circle back, eventually losing him, and make it back to the deer carcass to claim my prize. But he caught me around the corner.

I managed to kill him barehanded, but he inflicted a great deal of damage on me. I applied antiseptic and a bandage and quickly gathered a few steaks, but had to abandon most of the carcass as I was tempting death as it was.

As I was running back to the Camp Office, I dipped below 10% condition. That heart beat sound started growing in my ears and my vision grew blurred. As I hit the Camp Office door I was at 8% condition. I ran upstairs and grabbed some cooked steaks quickly. After ingesting them and a gulp of water as quickly as possible I was at 5% condition. And wouldn't you know it? Food poisoning!

Quickly, the heart beat growing ever louder, ever slower, I took an antibiotic, and bedded down at 4% condition. I slept in one hour spurts and watched my condition. Now at 3% but I'm pretty sure I'm going to make it. I finish off 12 hours of sleep, heart beat pounding loud and slow, and my own heart beat racing fast. I came out the other side, was able to heal up and continue on in my grim task of survival.

As I logged out tonight, I looked at my time survived. 79 days and 22 hours, and lucky to be alive.

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