The Long Dark Sandbox Hotfixed to v.392

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We've just hotfixed The Long Dark to v.392 on Steam and Xbox One -- changelist below.

* Fixed crash that could occur when getting Frostbite
* Fixed uncommon crash related to leaving footprints
* Reduced glare cast from first person Flare and Torch
* Fixed issue with predators interrupting player sleep in invalid locations
* Fixed issue with too many Wolves spawning in Pleasant Valley
* Fixed issue with harvested Saplings sometimes providing Cured Branches
* Fixed issue with items falling through ice after a Struggle
* Fixed issue with wildlife sometimes not being able to pathfind to valid locations
* Fixed issue with screen sometimes not smoothly fading in when starting a new game
* Fixed issue with extra cancel button prompt sometimes showing up on Inventory UI (gamepad only)
* Fixed issues with getting stuck in Forlorn Muskeg and Jackrabbit Island
* Fixed issue with getting stuck when exiting the bed in the Quonset
* Fixed issue with Forlorn Muskeg Safe not working properly in Interloper 
* Fixed issue with a container being destroyed in Forlorn Muskeg when breaking down a metal shelf
* Fixed issue with being able to use Forge before it's hot enough
* Fixed issue with First Aid Kits floating after breaking down furniture
* Fixed issue with Research button not being localized
* Fixed background blur when cancelling the delete of a save slot
* Fixed missing damage state art for some clothing items
* Assign non-zero weight bonus for fish at Ice Fishing Skill Level 4
* Assign non-zero reduction in fishing time at Ice Fishing Skill Level 2
* Fixed collision issues in some caves that could prevent picking up items
* Fixed issue with drawn Survival Bow movement speed retained after Wolf or Bear struggle
* Fixed issue with Arrows not animating properly in certain cases
* Fixed corpse loot issue on Timberwolf Mountain
* Fixed issue with Snares not being visible at moderate distance
* Updated copyright notice on main menu


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Huh, that's weird, The update just came up for me today. And my school provided internet (that's college dorm life for ya) is being so slow that I've been sitting waiting for it to finish updating for hours and it's not even half done.

I do appreciate that you guys try to make sure the game works though! I'm always impressed when it comes to your bugfixes. I just hate waiting to play though.

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I love this game¡¡¡ It would be well to change the degradation too fast of the sharpening stone, also to lower the speed too slow with the wind in front when there is no blizzard, on the other hand it would be good to look at the possible direction of the wind (Timberwolf  mountain and some rivers) that comes with the right or left, but you did a very nice work (L)

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