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Bill Tarling

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The Long Dark Makes An Awesome Surprise Gift

For those still trying to figure out what special gifts to get for their favorite gamers, don't forget The Long Dark can be a delight to really surprise them... and it's not just for the holiday season -- look at Birthdays, Group Event prizes, and even a wonderful "Thank You" to your hard working staff!

Besides all the sweet physical perks of various tiers (signed posters, exclusive TLD T-shirts, etc.) there's also the real gift giving surprise with early access to the Alpha and Beta versions... You know gamers can't wait to get their hands on the adventures way before the general public, so the early release tiers can really add excitement to your special gift.

We're also getting extremely close to the next stretch goal (phase one Internationalization + a cool TLD Radio Play featuring the amazing TLD voice actors) -- at this posting, we're less than $2800 away from this next goal, so think of every TLD gift giving as even another step closer towards making the huge release of The Long Dark even better!

By giving your best friends and family a TLD gift in their own name, you'll also be inviting them to join the backers forum so they can become a big part of the growing Hinterlander Family and Community too!

For something really special (and unexpected), consider bumping up some tiers for those you really want to Thank by surprising them with their name in the game Thank You Credits, or (if you really want to get them excited) an upgrade to name their own location or even an NPC... now that's something they would never expected.

Order your TLD Gifts today!

There are tons of gift levels to choose from, so you can let all your friends know how special they are to you...

Xmas Stocking Stuffers: as an added touch, why not put a small package of pancake mix into their stocking -- when they look confused, surprise them with their TLD Gift :o)

Reminder: The first Alpha release is scheduled for the coming spring, so you know your present will be a huge hit as they'll get first crack at The Long Dark long before the public gets to play it... and give yourself a little gift while you're at it and bump up your own backing for an early release as well. You know there's going to be a huge International buzz once we all get to try out the first play...

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We've been doing this for people who have approached us, even though the PayPal setup on doesn't handle Add-Ons nicely.

Just contact us at, let us know you want to raise your pledge, and we'll basically do a custom PayPal pledge with you and track it. In other words, you can pledge the difference between your original pledge, and your revised pledge.

We can do this for anyone, just shoot us an email and we'll get on it. Thanks!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Bad News - Santa really hurt his back badly this year, but we can help make sure he can still make all his deliveries by lightening his load a little...

Time is running out, and the stores are all packed with crazies -- if you're still trying to figure out something affordable to get your best bud for Xmas, then give them something special with their own copy of The Long Dark!

You know you're dying to compete as to who will survive the longest, so grab them their own copy of TLD!

It's the perfect gift for every gaming fan!!!

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