When Moving Rifle Rounds, Model of the Round Somewhat Disappear

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First post here so please let me know if I can provide more info!


Indoors or outdoors, when pressing Right Click to move a rifle round, the round almost turns completely invisible.


screen_(-4, -144, 3)_63ab0009-41a5-4f70-b02f-e3603d61d36e.png

Moving the round inside

screen_(1021, 28, 444)_653d4118-266b-4c4f-aeab-18c7b8586d4e.png

Model looks fine when simply sitting

screen_(1021, 28, 444)_8e63acdc-dff1-4206-a1b3-3614169289df.png

But moving it yields this

Graphics card Specs:

Card name: AMD Radeon (TM) R9 390 Series
Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Chip type: AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x67B1)
DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
Device Type: Full Device
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67B1&SUBSYS_2358148C&REV_80
Device Problem Code: No Problem
Driver Problem Code: Unknown
Display Memory: 14278 MB
Dedicated Memory: 8169 MB
Shared Memory: 6109 MB



 Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393) (14393.rs1_release_inmarket.161208-2252)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: To Be Filled By O.E.M.
System Model: To Be Filled By O.E.M.
BIOS: BIOS Date: 09/16/13 21:54:02 Ver: 04.06.05
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
Memory: 12288MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 12218MB RAM

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