Where do you put rifle at Pleasant V. Farmstead?

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I still haven't figured out how to place items other than just 'drop' on the floor. :D Some items have a 'place' option, like the storm lantern, but other than that I can't do anything other than just drop it at my feet. Then again I'm the guy who didn't know you could open the hood and trunk of the cars, so maybe I'm just incompetent. :P 

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I like to keep all my stuff organized as well, but for me, the two kitchen doors are my primary exits, so my common/frequently used items get laid out on the kitchen table.

Although, now that we have this spiffy clothing system and I'm using the fridge to store the different things I wear inside vs outside, I suppose it would also be a good place to put those common items too. Need to think about that.

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