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Okay so I haven't played the game for too long, I have 28 hours in and got it maybe a month or two ago. I'm pretty new. I just started a new sandbox in stalker, and these are some things I think could be cool from my experience in stalker and voyager.

-Being able to throw brands. I had this idea in the Desolation Point cave, where I wanted to throw a brand for light in a dark part. You could also chuck one at a wolf or something to scare it off. Seemed like a better idea in my head now that I’m thinking about it, but I’ll put it out there

-Legs? When you look down you appear to just be a floating torso. Maybe we could have a legs animation when looking down:P

-Possibly building fences. I don’t know if when you leave meat outdoors other animals could take it, but I think if you leave meat outside, it should freeze and keep for longer, and animals could take it. Therefore, fences could come in handy, takes maybe 15 sticks to make one, and will help protect your meat.

-Might just be me, but I feel like my player gets tired too quickly, I’ll sleep for like twelve hours, and within less than two hours of being outside my energy bar is going down at a rapid pace. Same for cold, I feel like I get cold really quickly. Like within an hour I’ll go from warm to at risk for hypothermia. However, I can’t talk on this considering I live in a warm place in America, and haven’t experienced more than five inches of snow.

-Jacket/ clothes layering. I’m sure I’m not the first person to suggest this, but could be nice.

-Being able to save whenever. There are a lot of times where I'll need to leave my computer but am not at a good "saving point" and will have to find the nearest shelter and take an hour nap. Or jump off a small cliff to give myself an injury to save.

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Throwing brands sounds like a great idea to me, because I always find myself running out of flares just to ward off one recurring wolf.

Legs seem like something apparent with the release of story mode, although I'm not sure how far away it still is. By the sound of the August update, it should be coming very soon.

The Roadmap suggests craftable safehouse customizations, although I don't know if fences would be an option. Sticks seem a little too easy for the crafting of a fence, and don't seem like they would ward off a bear from that tasty pile of salmon.

I used to experience the same problem with exhaustion, but then I realized how much sprinting I was doing. If you don't already know, sprinting significantly depletes your energy bar. Also, busting up shelves and chairs, even limbs can tire you out very quickly.

The Force tells me that maybe clothes layering could come into effect soon...

I think that the save option would be nice, but yet at the same time it takes away from the realism of the game if you can save right before you take on a wolf. It would have the same effect as running up to the wolf, getting ready for him to pounce, and then saying, "Hold on, I have to take a whiz." In real life, the wolf wouldn't sit down and look the other way. Time waits for no one, my friend.


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