Stupid question prbly. Why Can't I shoot the rifle?


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This game is fun right off the bat, even with some of the major flaws that I read two seconds ago. What's really grinding on me though is that I can't shoot the rifle. It's equipped. I loaded it. I'm carrying it, there is a buck 3-4 yards from me...


Anyone? I'm playing on a macbook pro 10.9.4. Mousepad. Left mousbutton is shoot, Right is aim. There isn't a point if you can't hunt.

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Yeh, I chambered the rounds.

The game won't let me transition to the sights.

Maybe something wrong with my keyboard config?

Also when the scary doggy wants to play, it's all teeth. Can build strength but can't hit.

Very sad, otherwise, fun game. :)

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Are you using a trackpad or integrated laptop mouse?

It doesn't work for me using those, but that's a hardware limitation, not the game.

If you have an RoG laptop its a driver issue. that aside:

push 3 to equip the rifle

push R to reload it (if it says 0:0 it means you have no bullets, otherwise the number left of the colon is how many rounds you have loaded)

hold down the right mouse button to pull up your sights

push the left mouse button to fire

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