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Hello guys. The Long Dark - is great game, maybe the best survival game even in alpha stage of development. I will not tell you about all your good ideas (you already know it :)), i tell you about two system problems (not bugs).

1) Wood for stove. I died of starvation in wooden house with wooden chairs and tables because I haven't wood for stove. So, you should add ability to destroy wooden furniture to get wood for strove. And I'm not talking about outdoor forest - why I should looking for wood if wood is everywhere (and I have an axe)?

2) Time. It's complicated question, but it's the most annoying thing in your brilliant game. You speed up the time to 60, 1 second = 1 minute. As a result - easy walking from railroad to home (about 800 meters) needs many food, drink and sleep. In realistic atmosphere of your game - this thing seems really strange. I understand, that it help you make interesting gameplay in small area (with real time, everyone can walk all area using 1 soda and 1 can of beans) with day and night, but speed up x60... Maybe x30? Or x10? x5? If you create huge areas, x5 will be nice.

Last thing, it's an inventary window. Maybe you should add 3d view of selected object. Maybe not - I don't know how is better until try it.

Thank you for your attention, you are making a great survival game, so I wish you good luck, enthusiasm and more great ideas.

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