#168 | Harvest inventory list go out of the screen v.127


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As said in the title,

Harvest inventory list go out of the screen: if player has more than 30+ items that can be harvested, opening the harvest list, the list go out of the screen in the bottom part and player is unable to select bottom items.


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Same goes for the repair inventory list. Simply adding a slider will not solve the problem though, since the items are in pretty random order when they are in there. I don't know in what order they are, to be honest, it's not alphabetical, it's not by condition and it's neither by weight nor by category. Makes finding the item you want to repair or harvest kind of hard.

There should be either a clear order to them or the option to sort them.

Oh and another thing: When repairing stuff, you have to select how you want to repair something, which seems kind of silly to me. The correct tools should be automatically selected if it's in the inventory, noone would try to mend their socks using a hammer and noone would try to repair a hunting knife using a needle and yarn. :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.