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On 20/11/2016 at 5:35 AM, mystifeid said:

Funny that all the "i"'s and "h"'s are blanked out. Otherwise you might think it was the GPU. Might still be. How long since it was taken apart and had all the crap blown/brushed out? Is it a desktop or laptop?

It's the GPU. I reckon some of the RAMDACs have shuffled off this mortal coil. It's only been about 5 months since I was fitting new RAM sticks (16GB), I gave her a good brush down and clean up. 

My room was very warm when it crashed, so perhaps the GPU overheated. I've been keeping my room at around 15° since as a precaution. No problems since (I think the GPU has damage control software built in that has helped mitigate damaged sections, unless the damage was not that serious). Anyhoo, I'm keeping a weather eye on my GPU in case it acts up again.

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I'd rather get a whole new PC. My CPU is coming up for 4 years old now, and it was the lower end of the market. The motherboard is second hand, my HDD is reasonably well managed, so I have still got a few hundred gigabytes left.

A tower PC is rather bulky to transport, so I think I will invest in a gaming laptop.

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Eh, gaming is still easier on a desktop even with the transportation issues. Mine's a decade old and I've still got it running :winky:

You won't be playing any 2016 games on max settings but I can still play a lot of games :big_smile:

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I prefer a desktop too. Easier to maintain and upgrade. Still, those lappies with the new nVidia gpu's sound sweet - I'd probably like one with a 1060. The others might run a little hot and drain the battery too quickly.

Anyway, just so long as the primary drive is solid state.

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