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I just read an article about The Long Dark on CBC and downloaded it from Steam!

I spent several hours last night, exploring, being eaten, exploring, being eaten. Very cool concept for a game. Definitely closer to what I wanted than the Deathmatch-in-disguse that was DayZ.

I will be following this closely as it progresses.

I fully understand this is still in Alpha, so I suspect it will get better and more complex as time goes on, but I have a few observations from one night of playing.

- Weapons - You need more. The hatchet should be a weapon. It should be able to crack wolf skulls. And in general, the ability to improvise weapons. In a survival situation, sharpening up a long stick would make a decent spear, and being able to upgrade it by tying a hunting knife to it would improve it dramatically. If not a spear, a long heavy stick would be a good club. Shouldn't be hard to find a stick in the woods. Even a large rock would be handy for smashing a wolf's head. The ability to adapt and improvise weapons is needed.

- Clothing - Should be easier to come by. Obvious there aren't any Wal-Marts in the woods, but if you can find a bed, you should be able to make a poncho, at scarf, vest, any number of warm items from drapes and rugs and mattresses you find around.

- Scavaging - I was frustrated when I found Mystery Lake, as each cabin I went into was mostly barren, yet I see they are all had bunk beds (frames can be smashed for firewood), mattresses (which can be turned into heavy insulated clothing, or tinder), rugs (which could be made into tinder or clothing), crates (which could be burnt).... Yet none of this was interactable. Really, in a survival situation, anything goes for scavaging, and breaking all the wood paneling off an ice-fishing hut and taking it back to the camp office to make a nice fire would be a natural and easy job.

- Tool wear - I own hatchets. Some of which are 50 years old. All of them are used and abused. I think it is next to impossible to wear out a hatchet under normal use.

- Animal behaviour - I have gone hunting in arctic areas many times, up to a month in the bush living out of a tent. I've seen bears and cougars and wolves. THey don't really behave this way. In fact, the moment they see a human, they generally run away, fast. And unless they are starving, they will avoid a fight.

Anyhow, I am axiously awaiting updates and new content. This game holds a lot of promise.

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