#169 | Clock Speed Glitch v.127


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Bug name: Clock Speed glitch

Bug description: When you go to harvest cloth from your clothing or are in the middle of repairing your clothes, the clock automatically speeds up to "simulate" the time it takes to perform the action. However, if you press tab while the character is attempting to harvest cloth or repair his clothes while the clock is accelerated, the menu reopens and the clock stays accelerated forever until you exit the building/go through a loading screen. Your hunger/calories, fatigue and thirst bars all skyrocket because of the rapid time movement.

OS: PC/Windows

Repro steps: Hit Tab to open the survival menu. Hit recycle materials and begin harvesting cloth from any of your clothes. While the harvesting is in progress, hit Tab again to re-open the menu. The clock will be stuck in accelerated time. Also works when using cloth and a sewing kit to repair clothes.

Location: Anywhere on the map

Visibility: how often this bug occurs given your repro steps: always

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This topic is now closed to further replies.