TLD Project Update #36

Bill Tarling

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Ooooooo.... drooling over the new teaser photos -- they look absolutely amazing!!!

Wow -- those photos will really get everybody stoked and excited!

I absolutely loooooove the Abandoned Highway scenario!!!!! *drool drool drool*

I wasn't sure if we were allowed to post the link to the Kickstarter update page for TLD since this one is under the For Backers Only" page heading... but for all backers, head over to KS if you didn't receive the email update -- for all others, make sure you subscribe to the Hinterland site to get the latest news and updates

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They look great, but I'm happy to see that i don't see the Aurora Borealis in every shot. I would soon get bored of that really quick.

Im excited to see what is coming out what they have done so far. . . . I just found this image and how eerily and visually close to TLD 's images is this photo ??

I have the shivers already. Come on the Beta . . I want to upgrade my pledge to be a Alpha Tester now too :)



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