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When firing the rifle, could I have the option to hold my breath to help steady my aim? I understand I only start out with 50 skill points in shooting things, but I was sort of hoping I could hold my breath for a short period of time in order to increase the odds of not going hungry.

Also, adding the mechanics now could be a great way to figure out the mechanics for swimming (if you add swimming... please add swimming). For example, you could have a standard breath holding time (30-60 seconds?) and modify it by the player's condition percentage and the ambient temperature. Too hot or too cold and it reduces your ability to hold your breath. Likewise, if for some reason you CAN'T breathe and you are out of breath (say, you are trapped underwater from falling through the ice... or swimming) once your breath meter hits 0 you start taking condition damage. Once your condition reaches 0 you die, so mechanically it seems pretty understandable.

Plus, you could add the condition "Winded" from holding your breath too long or running too long which requires you to "catch your breath" for a period of time, preventing you from holding your breath during that period and preventing you from running.

Just a thought.

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