How Does Foraging Wood Work?


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Yeah, I know it sounds like a stupid question, but there's more I wanted to ask about the subject. Mainly, is foraging completely random, or is there someway I can up my chances of finding wood? Does standing in a forest when I initiate the foraging do anything? Is the only way to boost my chances through having a hatchet? AM I SLAVE TO THE SYSTEM?!

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I have the same exact question, so I'll be keeping my eye on this thread!

I was thinking that foraging inside just forages for reclaimed wood (from furnature etc) and foraging outside will forage for other woods, but I'm not sure. So, yeah; how does it work?

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Hi Robdoar, thanks for explaining a bit about the influence of the weather on the chance of succes; I appreciate it.

So: the better the weather outside, the greater the chance that you'll find wood. Don't go out in a blizzard, you'll find nothing and you'll probably freeze to death. I've got it, seems logical.

But remains to be answered, hope you or someone else knows:

When you forage for wood indoors, does your guy stay indoors? I mean, the screen turns black, so who knows what he does. Does standing on a frozen lake decrease your chance of succes? Or does your guy walk to a nearby forest (when the screen is black) to find wood by himself. Or is it better to walk to a forest first and then start to forage for wood?


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