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Raphael van Lierop

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Hey all,

As you know, our original intention with the Backer Badges was to display them alongside your Username, so that everyone could see what level of contribution you had made (along the 4 categories: Backer, VIP Backer, Founder, VIP Founder).

Unfortunately, making that happen with the way this Vanilla forum is setup was just too complex and time consuming to resolve in a reasonable fashion.

So, as a work-around, we've set up new "roles" in the forums, built up around the 4 backer categories. We've completed Backer (formerly "Backers", which was the bucket everyone fell in to, so we simply renamed this), Founder, and VIP Founder categories. VIP Backers is a big category so we're going to take a bit of time to do it. But hopefully we'll have all of you switched over to your respective roles by the end of the week.

I know this isn't as good as seeing your backer badge (which is visible, but is limited to your profile itself), but hopefully you will feel this is one step closer to providing you with the recognition you deserve for your contribution to The Long Dark. (And, keep in mind that if you want, you can set your Backer Badge as the image you use in your user profile.)

Many thanks!

- Raphael

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you might want to give a date when game is coming out if ever.

Thats a bit Pessimistic of you, "If Ever" ?? Im sure the like of @Raph_Hinterland and the rest of the Hinterland Team wouldn't give themselves a Bad name over a game, and one that so many people have put money into, so to say ever, is just down right rude IMHO

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