Cooking, please.


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I want to be able to cook.

I don't mean just "Cook Meat" and turn it from raw to cooked, I mean take base ingredients and turn them into something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Greater caloric intake, longer shelf life, all that jazz. Also, it would be really nice if in other seasons plants could be harvested and you could get fruits and vegetables and make preserves that would last indefinitely. That way you could stock up for the cold, unforgiving winter months.

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Aah, you mean cook recipes! I would make a very nice boeuf bourguignon from deermeat, for sure. I only need some red wine to cook it in...

Oh, so fancy!

I was even going to go a little more basic. For example, we have snow, we have candy bars (now with nuts!), so why not be able to make hot chocolate on the stove top? I think if a pot was added on one of the burners (or even just using that skillet/sauce pan I've seen), you could have a "harvestable" hot meal on the stove that would remain on there for the duration of the fire. You couldn't really take it with you, but it would provide calories (probably as much or a little less than a candy bar), hydration, and warmth.

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