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So today I just got my first achievement by surviving 5 days in game. I didn't last much longer after that, though. Anyway, it sort of looked like a merit badge to me which brought up a whole bunch of fun memories from when I was in Boy Scouts. I was wondering if, as the game development continues, other merit badge like achievements could be unlocked.

Cooking Badge: Cooking skill 100 or cook X many items.

Sewing Badge/Metalworking/Leatherworking: Repair skill 100 or repair X many items with Cloth/Scrap Metal/Leather.

Rifle Badge: Shoot X many animals/survivors.

Just fun stuff like that. I am not looking for things that give you bonuses, but merely catalog certain achievements in order to help the time pass.

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That actually sounds kind of cool. Perhaps that was their design behind it? I think that would make for some cool icons for steam achievements in my opinion.

Looking through my BSA merit badge guide, the following badges could theoretically be earned in-game as it is:

Required for Eagle: Camping, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Science, First Aid, Hiking, Personal Fitness, and Personal Management.

Elective Badges: Animal Science, Astronomy, Athletics, Aviation (sort of a fail there, though), Backpacking, Bird Study, Cooking, Dog Care (sort of...), Fire Safety, Fish and Wildlife Management, Forestry, Leatherwork, Mammal Study, Medicine, Metalwork, Nature, Orienteering, Pioneering, Plant Science, Railroading, Rifle Shooting, Safety, Search and Rescue, Snow Sports, Soil and Water Conservation, Surveying, Textile, Veterinary Medicine (sort of...), Weather, Wilderness Survival, Wood Carving, and Woodwork.

Other Awards: 50 Miler Award, Emergency Preparedness Award, Firem'n Chit, Leave No Trace Achievement Award, National Outdoor Award, Paul Bunyan Award, Totin' Chip.

Here are some I would like to see in the future: Archery, Chemistry, Climbing, Collections, Fishing, Gardening, Geology, Home Repairs, Horsemanship, Indian Lore, Insect Study, Inventing, Music, Pets, Reading, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Shotgun Shooting, Skating, and Swimming.

You know, just for fun. ;)

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Also, I found a Girl Scout (Brownie?) vest along with a crushed pop can (both couldn't be interacted with) near Alan's Cave when I spawned there. If there are Girl Scouts being represented by grizzly or questionable Easter Eggs in the game, I would really like to see Boy Scouts represented as well.

Perhaps a mangled torso with a sash?

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