Rabbit Glitch v.124


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Now this could be an issue on my end, but I just want to make sure because I have never had this problem before.

I spawned and was greeted with a bunch of flashing colors and lines. I ignored it for a while until I neared the Trapper's Cabin when I realized that something was emitting these colors and lines. It was from a rabbit.


I changed the graphic quality from medium to low, from low to high, from high to ultra and no change. As I stated before, this could be a graphical issue from my PC.

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Those are broken polygons -- most likely a driver issue, as the v.124 patch is using DX11 for rendering if possible.

Try updating to latest drivers, or you can fall back to using DX9 by starting the game executable like:

tld.exe -force-d3d9

Alright, thanks!

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