What would be a cool back-story for the protagonist?


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My back story would probably be something simple like the protagonist would be separated from his/her family by the anomaly, perhaps he/she was on a business trip or they were visiting distant relatives and he had to stay behind and work. Perhaps his/her family had begged him/her to accompany them but he refused so he/she could stay and work and now that guilt of not being their for them weighs down on him/her.

The game would follow the protagonist as he/she struggles with not only the chaos that he has to deal with and survival for his/herself but the unknowing of what was happening to his/her wife/husband and/or kid/s. The protagonist would be forced to decide along the way whether or not to interfere with other survivors, perhaps help them or not, knowing that involving him/herself could/would increase the chances of him/her getting hurt/killed and never seeing his/her family again.

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