Harvest Scrap from Used Cans

Joelle Emmily

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As with the water from fishing holes, I can't believe that this isn't a feature. Or it might be planned and I'm just assuming incorrectly.

Soda cans are flimsy, and fore the most part wouldn't supply a lot of useful material, but, the folded ring around the top where the cylinder is sealed to the lid, is strong enough for a variety of things. Also, the thinner, flexible aluminum would be great for crafting needles and so forth. Plus, aluminum could be melted down in a simple stove fire, and used to forge lightweight arrow heads, thicker hooks than could be made by the lid ring, and a variety of other things.

Other than the soda cans, heavy containers used for peaches and dog food, is just straight up steel, and could be used in all the things scrap is now.

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