#161 | possible loot generation abuse v.122


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Current state:

Whenever a player starts a new game, only loot in open world containers is generated. Undiscovered structure interior loot / containers are only generated as the player first enters them. This can be abused by placing a bedroll close to the structure's entrance, sleeping 1 hour (in most cases this will not cause severe temperature loss) which saves the game, and entering said structure / loading game till loot inside becomes lucrative.

Suggested solution:

Random seed generated and stored permanently at the beginning of every new sandbox game, used to determine what will be found in locations yet undiscovered, rendering this abusive method obsolete.

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Like blueskin stated you can use a bedroll and load the saved until you find the desired loot. But I will show better exploits that I have discovered, sleeping outside you will be mauled by a wolf 99% of the time.

You can sleep indoors alt+tab out of the game and enter the save folder and delete that buildings save file. Then load that same interior structure into it safely and keep loading for the desired item results.

I understand pre-generating everything would increase load times when creating a new sandbox. But these exploits ruin the spirit of the game.

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Wolves will get you in many locations, but not on the porches of wooden structures or inside the wooden derelict 20m from the dam entrance (AI can't properly navigate to enter that tight area). You can also sleep inside, like when there's 6 wooden houses around the lake, you explore the first one and sleep in there to "anchor" your save close to new loot areas.

You don't need to pre-generate everything, just make sure that the predefined random seed allows same results every time (like in minecraft world generation)

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