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@Raphael van Lierop That's what I thought. The dog is in the way of Hinterland vision we find in the story mod trailer : "Don't let this new world break you...". The dog is a perfect way to

Um... sandbox NPCs are on the roadmap, y'know. Just saying As for the actual topic, some breeds of dogs would make more sense than others, and actually having an animal companion would make gamep

Just throwing some more stuff out there: Carrying: Dogs have historically been used as beasts of burden, so there's no reason a large enough dog can't carry a hatchet or two Wellbeing: Cu

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23 hours ago, CalNieDaGtarGuy said:

Sorry everyone but I'm with @T.V

Yeah. I mean, there's a lot of games where you can have your own pet. Dogs will make a game less 'special'. Someone said that we will need to feed our doggo. Also the condition, and other things. Look,  you will need to feed your animal. At some runs, I can't even have enough food for myself. That will make a game just more like if you want to have 100< run most people will have the dog, which isn't a necessary. But the only animal that I think could be in Survivor mode is a bird that will help you finding seeds to make your own garden. Or Capybara. Everyone loves Capybara.

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