Game crashing after loading from interior save.


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Hey guys, this just appeared in TLD's subreddit, and I thought I'd post it here in hopes someone could hop over there and give him a hand, or direct him somewhere else if this is an existing issue that's already been covered. Here is the issue:

Everytime I quit the game inside a building and then load up the game later I cant leave the building it just crashes the game. Just wondering if its just me? Also maybe just me also but the game doesn't let me use the female character not that much of an issue I play the dude mostly anyway its just the option is there and it wont let me use it which is somewhat frustrating

And a direct link to the post: ... e_crashes/

I let him know about the forums here, but I figured it might be good to reply to that Reddit post to help build the community...It'd also be useful in case anyone else runs into the same issue and comes across that post.

Hope it's okay to post all of this here!

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