I just got it tonight and I am loving it!


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First of all, thank you for making this game. I am a huge fan of the survival genera, but I've never played anything quite like this before. I saw it on Steam and figured I would roll the dice on it. My $20 was not wasted in the least.

Between the landscapes, the music, and the sounds (oh, the sounds!) I felt very immersed in the experience. Okay, praise aside, you are in alpha and need some player feedback, so I will get to the nitty-gritty.

I've only played through three times, so far. My first time I lasted several days before I died of food poisoning. My second time, I was mauled to death by a wolf inside a hydro-electric damn... lasted 22 game minutes. My third time, I lasted a while but ended up succumbing to food poisoning once again (obviously, I need to stop eating bad/spoiled food :P). Still, the searching for supplies and avoiding wolves was enjoyable.

Searchable drawers... I mean, like... individual drawers in a desk or in a filing cabinet!? I didn't know what I was missing until I saw it. I know it is a little, simple thing to be excited about but... there it is.

I think the calorie system is great but might need a little tweaking. At least that is my uneducated view, as it seemed like the calories just flew by. I imagine you've done your homework and have used real-world equivalents and statistics to figure out how many calories are burned at rest, when active, and in response to environmental phenomenon like cold.

I would love to be able to craft more items or be able to multitask the stove. If it is large enough, I would want to be able to cook raw meat AND melt snow/boil water during the same time period. However, I understand there are limits to both the crafting system as well as the fuel for the fire in the game.

I would love to see a few more offensive options (bows and arrow with ammunition that can be crafted from wood would be nice), but I understand the game isn't meant to be a "survive forever" sort of simulator. However, I am hoping that as the mechanics are tweaked, and more options to both help and hinder a player are added, the game will allow for a greater chance for survival for the thoughtful and creative.

Wrapping up, great game, I checked out the Kickstarter (wish I had known about it beforehand) and you guys seem like an awesome bunch of people, and I hope this game becomes everything you want it to be (because I REALLY want it to be).

Would love to see a larger sandbox and maybe even a more diverse map down the road... realistic deserted island survival?

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