167 days on Voyager !!

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41 minutes ago, Patrick Carlson said:

That's a good run! And with the gear you've got, you should be all set for quite a while longer. Have you made a trip to the summit yet? (I'm guessing no)

Well i did !!! 

But i do some weird work !!!!

When I wanted to went back from summit. i didn't use normal way !!! 
I just climbed down the mountain  !!! (it was sooooo high !!!)  

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27 minutes ago, bujkelly said:

Thats a great set up, hopefully you'll reach 200 days with ease. It may not be the best decorated but atleast it organised!

well i don't like long time survive !!! 
So whenever  i hit 150 day i start another one !!!! (i am working on stalker now !!! 65 days and i am in CH)

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