Flying Wolf v.119


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Similar to Fixed (v.112) Ticket #99, but there has been another occurrence. I apologize if this is already known/being worked on.

I left the Trapper's Cabin to hunt some deer around 6:00 A.M. I found one, but it was quickly chased up a hill (right of the direction I took the picture) by a wolf. I followed them and made it half way up the hill before both the deer and wolf turned around and headed straight towards me. This is when the wolf took flight (approximately 10 feet in the air but slowly losing altitude while moving down the hill), still chasing after the deer until they reached the bottom of the valley, which the wolf returned to the earth.

Playing on PC. This could possibly be reproduced by having a wolf chase a deer down this hill.


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Huh. Flying wolves. Well, that's still way better than zombies.

It's hard to tell from this angle, but could the wolf be running on top of the deer's hitbox?


That could be it, but this wolf was at average chase distance around 4-6 feet behind the deer.

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