A general attempt at suggesting features.


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I'll keep this short, simple and quick.

1. More "baddies." (Which I hear you've planned already, but wanted to clarify.)

1.a I would suggest scrapping the wolves as they are into their basic components (The AI and the skin) and modeling up a mountain lion model and coding up a new AI for the wolves to make them more pack-like and cautious around humans.

1.b Each of them would need to hit harder or weaker, but of course I assume you already know that.

2. More "Peacefuls." (Which I hear is also planned, but wanted to clarify.)

2.a Keep the deer, they're awesome, and (mostly) spot on. Though they should be a bit less cautious around the player if they "live" in or very near to a city.

2.b May I suggest birds and fluffy bunnies for the fluffy winning?

2.c I would also suggest making squirrels a thing. That way, I can yell "SQUIRREL!" and blast the sucker for some meat!

3. A more in-depth cooking system

3.a A way to properly preserve meats.

4. A bit of a specialization selection at the start of the game. (You were a doctor, a construction worker, a mechanic, a pencil pusher, etc.)

5. A difficulty slider. This isn't really for me, but it's more to attract more people to your game. As is, you're really focusing on the Russians and people who like to play roguelikes with a really horror game like combat system. (You guys have one of the guys from morrowind, you can make it be so much more awesome! Please? *Big manly puppy-dog eyes*)

6. More food producing mechanics. (The game is really suffering because of the lack of these.)

6.a Fishing.

6.b Berry and mushroom collecting

6.b, sub.1 Poisonous berries and mushrooms.

6.c Farming (For those people who can actually survive THAT long. Good fricken luck, though.)

6.c sub.1 chance the crops will fail to grow, or produce.

6.c sub.1a Or die come winter.

6.d Sharks with fricken lasers, man? (Cookie if you get the reference.)

6.e A proper way to snare and set up deadfall, pitfall, and bear traps. (I hear it is also in the works, so I'll stop there.)

7. Free-er movement. As your system works now, you've limited how open your world is, and that's REALLY bad for an open world title.

8. A better combat system. (I like horror games for the horror, but even the forest gives you an axe to start with that you can swing at the undead things.)

8.a Remap the controls to something more common, like e to interact, lmb to place or break and smack some sense into survivors/hatchet their face. RMB is interchangeable, of course.

8.a sub.1 I don't expect everything to become easy mode because I have a weapon. In fact, I should STILL get damn-near insta-gibbed by "wolves" and straight up insta-gibbed by black bears. (or any bear, for that matter.)

These are my suggestions, and they're the best I have.

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