Technical Issue with the Logitech KB&M.


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Issue really doesn't cover it, as it fails to even register them. As if the game took a look at them and said "Srsly? Dafuq are those? Ya, you know what, I ain't got time to deal with that." So I decided to make a post on steam, because I know people are going to be lazy and not make an account here, and now I'm making a post here with a pastebin.

I've placed all the information on the steam post as well, and I made a post on the technical issues post where the key data information of the error was placed on it, to avoid massive clutter. I'd really like to see this issue resolved right quick so I can get to dying while I figure out just how to not do so much dieing so that I don't look like a total idiot when I make a video of my deaths and put them on youtube. I consider this purchase a wise investment, my friends. Do not prove me wrong within the first day alone!

The keyboard is a Logitech M700/710 and the mouse is a M325

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Issue was with COMODO firewall... apparently it doesn't play nice with Unity. If anyone sees this, solution is to first try putting the firewall into Game Mode. If that fails, you might have to disable it. We are going to let both Unity and COMODO know about this issue.

Oh yea, thankyou for posting that here! I completely forgot about this post and appreciate the follow through.

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