Steam Sync for Saved Games


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I did a search here and on Steam and didn't see anyone post this yet. I hope I didn't miss it.

I am really enjoying your game. I actually like the simplicity in design and the action. I hope that you do not go down the "let's make a new Rust" road and make base building, MP, combat survival game. I like it so far the way it is, as hard as it is to survive, and am looking forward to the stories. I am guessing that there is no way to survive forever, which I think is pretty cool. No win button.

The only thing I ask so far, is that you implement saved game syncing on Steam. It is one of my favorite things about steam. I can play on multiple computers and pick up right where I left off.

Thanks again for a good game, and I hope you all keep it up. I am looking forward to future updates.

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