The Long Dark Map

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The railroad is roughly straight, as far as I can tell. I don't think the Forestry Outlook is that close to the railroad, nor is the Trapper's Homestead--the three roughly form a line along the Unnamed Pond, if my own attempts to map things are correct. Also, I think you've put the dam a bit closer to the lake than it is--the southern river access route or past Alan's Cave are actually a decent ways to go. The placement of the island, fishing shacks and cabins... well, I'm not sure about them here, but they're also making me reconsider how I mentally orient them. Still, I do think the lone cabin is the farthest away from the home office, and there are 4 fishing shacks (2 between home office & island).

Still, that's certainly a tidier map than I've managed to scribble up, here excerpted from a fanfic "journal" style thing:


Note: I've since making this realized I mixed up the Western Access and the path along the river, so there are some inaccuracies there. Also, like I mention there, I'm not fully clear on the area between the logging cabins and the dam...

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Hey Mossy Toes

Thank you for your opinion.

From the beginning I was sure that this map will be not precise and incomplete.

Without the game it is very hard to determine the geo directions and distances between the core locations.

In game you have the information’s about wind direction, that helps in navigations. And you can count the distances in steps to build a map in scale.

By the way, very nice map, I like you notes on the edge of the map.

In the YT videos I also don’t saw any bunkers.

My suggestion about the last 3 pictures in The Long Dark gallery on Stem is, that are new locations there are coming in the future.

When you start the game, you choose you survivor and then the region. The second region picture, with coming soon, shows a bunker. But for me that is more a mechanic shop, with the tires and tools.

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The secret bunker spawns randomly, so even if you find it, the chances are it won't be in the same place the next time. I haven't been able to find it even once yet, although I've seen potential locations in other people's videos and also got tips from somebody who's found it more than once.

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If there is a mapmaker out there, here's some material for you to make a map. I recently jumped off all four corners of the map and made some screenshots of it, when inverted, you get a seemingly birdseye view of the whole map.

Whoever wants to use them to create something, have fun. :)

View from Southeastern Corner (closest location: Lake Cabins):


View from Northeastern Corner (closest location: Carver Hydro Dam):


View from Southwestern Corner (closest location: Trappers Hut):


View from Northwestern Corner (closest location: Clearcut):


If you need some landmarks, let me know.

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If there is a mapmaker out there, here's some material for you to make a map [...]

Thanks Trandor! I used your images to make a map; not every location is on it, I haven't visited all places yet.

And I'm not 100% sure all locations are correct, but it's good enough to find my way around atm.


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Wow Sioux, that looks awesome. :)

You're just a little off on a couple locations, especially the forest lookout, here's a rough sketch on what I would edit:


Hey, thanks! I've seemed to be way off on the forestry lookout, lol. Thanks for your additions, i'll add them to my map, much appreciated!

Edit 28/9/2014: I've updated the map with the corrections you've suggested and some other small changes:


Thanks again!

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I will have to take a crack at this, a good map is necessary for a well planned survival. Also kinda looks cool.

Well planned survival? LOL. seems a little oxymoronic

That being said, he's a pilot, and must have a current map, called a Sectional, on the plane.

But theres a myriad of reasons why that could be gone.

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Hve the same hidea..think it wold be nice the in-game option to create a map..

Really don't know how simulate a scretched can't be perfect or it wouldn't be realistic.

Maybe if you found the paper and the pen..automatically can have a scretch of the last few km you had done (with a bad precision) and you can wote manually some note. From here every time you can spend some in-game hours to draw another piece

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