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  • able to stop boiling process (I was sadly watching my fire burnt while I was boiling water and I haven't next more tinder to make fire again ...)
  • snow melting and water boiling should be non-blocking actions (IRL I am able to add fuel while waiting for boil, eat and dring, etc.)
  • possibility (low chance) to make the fire without tinder (or paper) ... IRL you should make chips from soft wood
  • possibility to use books for starting the fire (I found several book in the Carter Hydro Dam)
  • breaking furniture to obtain wood (chairs, tables, wooden boxes)
  • I'm not sure but boiling water is somehow lowering the fuel or it's just a effect of FFWD time? (IRL... heat which is consumed by cold water can't affect the fire when boiling on stove/oven)

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